Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's Your Social Media Footprint?

In doing some research via online anthropology for one of my clients, I stumbled upon the online "networker" archetype (you know, the guy that has a social presence almost everywhere you can link to) and realized that creating one's social media presence is serious business, for some. Moreover, it also made me understand that these social media "networkers" create more than a presence, they're creating a social media footprint, which leaves a much longer and lasting impression.

So I ask, what does your online social media footprint look like?

If you haven't thought of your FB or Linkedin pages as such, let me tell you now, it's a beginning. How far you want to take it... the possibilities are potentially limitless.

If creating a social media footprint is important for you or your business, or your clients for that matter, here are some suggestions to create a stronger imprint.

1. If you haven't already, set up a Facebook page and let the world know you're still alive.
2. If you're a professional, freelancer, (interested in working) - is a must
3. Start to tweet - talk about actually getting people to know you, they'll also follow you!
4. Social bookmarks are a great exchange of social and intellectual capital - sharing your cool finds and areas of interests, ex. digg or delicious or StumbleUpon
5. You may have a Kodakgallery or Shutterfly but try Flickr and join and contribute to like minded groups of your eye's view seen through you photo uploads
Now those are pretty basic these days (for some), but here's some more that also will give your footprint the visual tracks that others' may want to follow more closely.
6. Read blogs that you want to be associated with and COMMENT - sounds too easy - it is!
7. Taking it a step further, blog yourself (and btw, you can have more than one blog on various free blog sites like this one and tailor your blogs around a speciality or specific focus or a specific audience
8. Leverage your Twitter and FB with your blog or links to your postings
9. Join groups or forums and post your affiliations
10. Really take the lead and start your own networking site on (create your own topic)
11. Write you own post or article as a guest writer, hint:
12. Become a commenter when needed by signing up with - they may just need your expert advice or experience

Well hope this posting inspired your socialness to spread and leave the web a better place.
Must sign off now and go make my footprint about this post on FB :).
If you have any other suggestions or want to share your print-ability, do tell.