Friday, February 20, 2009

Quality Seeking?

Whether you've indirectly or directly been affected by the economic downturn, have you found yourself airing on the side of caution? Thinking twice, maybe thrice, before you pull out your wallet; seeking more quality experiences, products and/or services? If you're one of me, I wonder how this collective sentiment of demanding better quality may affect the deliverables from the manufacturers, producers, marketers, and businesses of this world. Will our more determined pursuit of value rid the shelves of superfluous stuff? Will the demand for our attention from marketers and advertisers (for things/experiences we may or may not really need) finally stop the mediocre creativity and herd mentality on website designs and experiences? Will companies really begin to leverage the earned participation of their consumers by listening and respecting their ideas and needs? Excess, inflated costs have been exposed thanks to the downfall, and finally, the eyes of many have been opened. Whether all of the hyper-extending was self-created, the realization that our achievement of success was buying into the fact that we were over paying almost on nearly every item from organic milk to real estate, I think, has provided many of us with relief and the confidence to say, "no thanks" unless it truly meets my needs. In short, will we, the consumers, have the upper bargaining chip? Will the demand for better, produce better goods and services? And yet, will we still operate in the same manner or will we make uber consumerism less of the American dream and find other ways in which we define our pursuit of happiness?
Love to know your experiences. Right size and have fun.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

12:30a.m. Blogging, FB is open, and watching NYC Housewives

Addicted, obessessed and doing nothing (well multi-tasking, of course-blogging, checking FB updates and listening/watching NYC Housewives new season kick-off show). Except not wanting to admit how I spend my time - sometime. FB I have now realized can be addicting - checking on your updates and checking on your friends update. It's like having your own personal Page Six amongst all your friends. Very highschool, and that's just why the lot of us can't stop - each of us are creating our own personal community. And since it is our very own page - we're the center of all the action.
Now for the catty-ness of the OC and NYC Housewives - I've yet to figure out why I constantly watch or let it stem as my background noise. Ponder on that one?!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Making It Mean Something...

That's right - Valentine's Day! There's so much hoopla and festivities these days that it has taken the romance (for the most part) right out of of its sole intent.
I realized Valentine's Day has become commercialized to no end when I started receiving cards very reminiscent to Christmas Day cards (not to say they were not appreciated and cute) but really? It's hard enough managing the annual Christmas/holiday cards, now I need to get on this bandwagon as well or... or what? No one will think I care?
This is just an example of the irony of Valentine's Day - it's the official day to stop and show those you love that you do indeed love them, but because it is "the day" to do so it can seem a bit contrived. Why are you showing your love on this day as opposed to others, some may argue -because you're supposed to or because you really do mean it and today is just an official reminder? At the same time, let's face it, when those that you love do show their love for on you this day, you love it (regardless if you may question the sincerity of it).
Bottom line, showing your love for someone does mean something even if it happens to be on Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

It's 3am and I'm blogging!

Normal or not? Okay, for the most part, not VERY normal across the U.S. pop, but within certain sub-groups this act of insomnia, anxiety and a keyboard near makes this situation probably pretty normal!!
What do you do when you can't seem to quite your mind and fall into that oh so perfect state of REM. Read, drink milk (hot or cold), watch TV, eat, continue to lay there tossing and turning, watching the clock becoming more anxious that you'll now only get 4 hours of sleep - if that?
Above all else, do you wonder WHY? Why tonight? What you did or didn't do that's causing this? So as if you didn't have enough thoughts milling around in your head, you're now trying to figure out the physiological reasons behind it!!
To tell you the truth, this state of being is NOT normal for me - not being able to sleep; the 3 million thoughts racing around, well, pretty normal. But I wonder, are there 2 million more that I'm either not that aware of or have not processed thoroughly that are the real gremlins behind this frustrating state of sleeplessness!!
Love to hear what keeps you up at night.
Sweet dreams ;)!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ever Wondered...

How other people live? How do they feel, react, behave? Do they have similar experiences? Are they happy? Are they bored silly? Are they wishing for something more? Or do they wonder if it's just them or do others feel and think similarly?
If you do, then welcome to the blog where you can "find the norm." The vision is a blog for everyone to share and know that... YES, there are many others who may be, feel, think, and behave similar to you. In other words, rest assured - you're not the only one!
In each blog, I welcome you comments, because we'd love to know - is anyone else out there having a normal experience too?