Monday, February 16, 2009

Making It Mean Something...

That's right - Valentine's Day! There's so much hoopla and festivities these days that it has taken the romance (for the most part) right out of of its sole intent.
I realized Valentine's Day has become commercialized to no end when I started receiving cards very reminiscent to Christmas Day cards (not to say they were not appreciated and cute) but really? It's hard enough managing the annual Christmas/holiday cards, now I need to get on this bandwagon as well or... or what? No one will think I care?
This is just an example of the irony of Valentine's Day - it's the official day to stop and show those you love that you do indeed love them, but because it is "the day" to do so it can seem a bit contrived. Why are you showing your love on this day as opposed to others, some may argue -because you're supposed to or because you really do mean it and today is just an official reminder? At the same time, let's face it, when those that you love do show their love for on you this day, you love it (regardless if you may question the sincerity of it).
Bottom line, showing your love for someone does mean something even if it happens to be on Valentine's Day.

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