Tuesday, February 17, 2009

12:30a.m. Blogging, FB is open, and watching NYC Housewives

Addicted, obessessed and doing nothing (well multi-tasking, of course-blogging, checking FB updates and listening/watching NYC Housewives new season kick-off show). Except not wanting to admit how I spend my time - sometime. FB I have now realized can be addicting - checking on your updates and checking on your friends update. It's like having your own personal Page Six amongst all your friends. Very highschool, and that's just why the lot of us can't stop - each of us are creating our own personal community. And since it is our very own page - we're the center of all the action.
Now for the catty-ness of the OC and NYC Housewives - I've yet to figure out why I constantly watch or let it stem as my background noise. Ponder on that one?!

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