Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are You Tweeting?

Recently through a Twitter algorithm, my 13 tweets were distilled down into twitter time. The result of my tweeting expenditure tallied up to 390 seconds or 7 minutes! I've ONLY spent 7 minutes tweeting?! Surprise was soon followed by disappointment. The amount of time I spend on Twitter is 1000x more, so to boil it all down to ONLY 7 minutes, I felt belittled. All I had to show for the energy, the interest and the pontification I've put into my tweets was 7 minutes?? Now if that's not perspective for you, specifically re: tweeting, then I'll make it more obvious. Tweeting clearly and shouldn't be regarded as a big deal. Tweeting is just that - tweeting - for only a few seconds each time. Tweeting is simple. There are no rules to tweeting. You can tweet whatever it is you want to tweet about from the ordinary to the extraordinary. And, by the way, there's no brownie points for the extraordinary or judgment calls to distinguish between the two. In fact, tweeting or being on the receiving end of someones tweet that clearly answers the question of what you or they're doing right now can be fascinating! I realized this after I read one of the Zappo's CEO tweets about one of his observations of ordinary life happening while walking in the airport. His tweet captured a moment in time, nothing more. Telling me and many of this followers that tweeting does not have to live up to any preconceived standard of what we all think the world wants to hear about. Assuming we know what's best to please others' only creates performance anxiety and procrastination, resulting in tweetlessness. Tweetlessness can lead to other negative effects bc it means we've missed out knowing so and so has been wearing the same socks for 2-days. Although it may seem there's nothing to learn from knowing that - for you, there may be for someone else or it may just bring joy, peace of mind to know that you're not the only one hasn't brushed their hair all weekend. If you don't believe me, and still think you need to post interesting links, or profound statements of proven value, then believe John Scalzi, an accomplished twitterer who was quoted in the WSJ substantiating the fact that it's okay to tweet for tweet's sake. "People just want some whimsy (tweet) or just want to know what you're doing." Mr. Scalzi has 3,380 followers and often can be found tweeting about his cats.
So tweet-it-up tweeties and find the joy. The world wants to hear.

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